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Constant Fighting In A Relationship

Relationship is a state in which two or more people or things are connected. Humans are highly evolved individuals for whom the basic necessity of life is to love and to be loved. Hence, they want to be in relationship to ensure a happy life. Relationships are of different kind like family relationships, romantic relationships, friendships and Acquaintance relationships.

In a family relationship, we are connected to the members via some form of kinship through blood (includes relationship with parents, brothers and sisters) or non-blood relationships (includes relationship with uncles and aunts, step- parents).

In Romantic relationships people feel very strongly attracted to each other. This sort of relationship includes relationship between couples such as boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife. They feel a connection between them that they do not feel with friends, family or anyone else which they call as ‘love’. There might be disputes in this kind of relationship but a stronger relationship will overcome these disputes with love, communication and understanding .A relationship that is not stronger will be broken by constant fights in a relationship.

Constant Fighting Relationship

Friends are people to whom we are not related biologically but choose to stay connected. Friendship is a kind of relationship which exists only if both people see each other as friends. People have categorized friends into different types. People have best friends with whom they feel close and share every secret of their life. There are also friends that are not seen very often or have been known for a very short time. Parents can also be friends to their children and can offer support, guidance and love to them.

People want to be loved and give love to every kind of relationship they have in their life. In every kind of relationship there is support, love, faith, freedom of choice and patience that makes the relationship stronger. Relationship can involve fights also. Until the fights don’t last too longer, the relation is healthy. There may be arguments and disagreements in a relationship but if they are short lived and doesn’t fade the love and care among the people, it is a sign of healthy relationship. But what if the disputes in a relationship are occurring constantly. There can be many reasons that lead to constant disputes in a relationship-

• If there is lack of communication among families, couples, friends or acquaintances, then a healthy relationship cannot be formed. Even in this case a relationship with a lot of misunderstandings will take place of a healthy relationship.

• It is important to have faith in a relationship especially in the romantic relationships between couples. If there will be a constant nagging then it can ruin the relationship. There should be a balance between freedom and bondage.

• Giving appropriate time in a relationship is very important to maintain a good understanding . Lack of time for each other will in turn result in misunderstandings and disputes. In case of romantic relationships, people start doubting their partners of having multiple affairs resulting into bigger fights that can bring the relationship to a dead end.

• Accepting the partner with imperfections requires patience. If you are not patient, you will be indulging in daily fights with your partner.

• Lack of respect in a relationship also matters. Respect in a relationship is very important and it shows the love and supports for each other.

• If there are incompatible goals among partners in a relationship, it will definitely start a blame game further bringing your relationship to dead end.

If your relationship is suffering from any of these factors and still there is a constant fighting in your relationship, then the relationship will soon become dead. When the problems like misunderstanding, loss of faith, distrust, jealousy and hatred rises in a relationship, it makes the person to feel alone and stressed. There are many people who suffer from depression as they feel alone. Therefore, relationships should be valued. If you have tried everything to stop the daily fights in your relationship and are unsuccessful, then you should take the help of Kaala Jaadu and Vashikaran to resolve the problems. These are the supernatural solutions to your problems that will help you in making your relationships healthy. These processes can help you to bring back the relationships in your life on track and make you distressed and joyful.

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